Different Types Of Surety Bonds For Construction Projects


Contractors are required to obtain a specific type of surety bond in order to win a construction project offered by government. These bonds may also be required for private construction works. If you are a new contractor and you want to build recognition in construction and building industry as a reliable contractor, it is firmly advised to obtain the right type of surety bond for the project that you are willing to undertake.

It is important to note that there are different types of bonds out there. These bonds include construction bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, maintenance bonds, license or permit bonds, and labor and material bonds. Construction bonds provide guarantee that a construction company or contractor will complete the construction project as promised in accordance with the contract. It provides protection to both the contractor and the obligee.

Bid bonds provide guarantee that the contractor will complete the construction work at the bid price, without additional costs. It also guarantees that the contractor is able to meet other bonding required, if the contractor wins the bid.

Performance bond provides guarantee that the contractor will perform in accordance with the contract. It provides financial protection to the employer in the event if the contractor fails to perform as agreed. Payment bonds provide guarantee that the laborers, subcontractors and suppliers will be paid in accordance with the contract. Then there are maintenance bonds that provides guarantee that the contractor will use materials and workmanship as agreed. License or permit bonds are required to obtain a license or permit under the local laws. License and material bonds guarantee payment to material suppliers and also to labors. To know more about these bonds, visit http://drsbonds.co.uk.

There are many great advantages of all of these bonds. For example, performance bonds allow contractors to abide by the bidding requirements on both public and private projects. These bonds protect both parties. In order to find out what type of bond you are required to obtain in order to win the project, contact a reliable surety bond management company. This is mainly because a bond management company has bond experts who can not only guide you about different types of bonds, but also they can help you obtain the type of bond that you need.

In order to get more information about the type of surety bond that you are required to get, you will have to provide important information to bond broker or agent. For example, your broker may ask you to provide them with your financial history, so they can help you obtain a bond at better fee. There are many brokers and management companies out there. You should only work with trusted companies, such as DRS bonds. To get more information about different types of bonds and how these bonds work for construction projects, visit http://drsbonds.co.uk. This website has full information about all different types of surety bonds that you might be interested to know.

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Signs that you need to hire a new accountant


An accountant could either make or break your business. Financial management is a very important aspect when it comes to building your own business, and if you hired an irresponsible and unskilled accountant, it could greatly affect the status of your business. It is not only on taxing period that you would communicate and build your relationship with your accountant, you need to talk with them often because you also need to discuss financial matters and you could also consider their ideas when making a major decision in your business.

But if you think that your accountant is not performing well and you noticed that he is becoming a liability to your business instead of being an asset, then maybe you need to terminate his employment and find a new one. There are actually a lot of accounting firms, http://www.goldhawkassoc.co.uk/ and http://www.mhumeandson.co.uk/, which could help you in managing the finances of your business. Here are also some other signs that you might take note in order to check if you really need a new accountant.

Accountant does not understand your industry

An effective accountant can only be effective of he does understand what your business is all about, because if he does, he would be able to know how to manage your accounts and also when to file your taxes and how to file them.

Accountant does not answer your phone calls

Accountants usually get busy especially during the filing of taxes, but he should at least be able to answer your queries, e.g. on the financial status of your business, and your other queries. If he is unable to give you answers with the day, or it takes weeks before he could respond to you then maybe it is time to terminate him.

Accountant is not updated as to the new tax laws

An effective accountant is up-to-date as to the new implemented tax laws, or if there are any amendments to the implemented tax laws. It is important to keep updated with the tax laws for it might affect your financial accounts, and you might be bombarded with a lot of penalties. If your recent accountant does not have the awareness and don’t have the initiative to do a research when it comes to this aspect, you must hire a new one.

Accountant does not actively advises you

Planning and discussing your financial accounts is a must and your accountant must be able to do that with you. An accountant must advise you as to how you could lessen your business taxes, or give you some tips as to how you could effectively gain a high profit in your business, or every bit and pieces that you need to know about your finances; your accountant must be able to discuss it with you. If your recent accountant is not doing such, then it’s time to find a new one.

Hiring an accountant is also crucial decision in regards to building your own business. There are firms, like http://www.mhumeandson.co.uk, which may help you find an effective accountant that you need. You must make sure that you could connect with them so that everything could be done flawlessly.

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Key Services of Insolvency Practitioners


Whether it’s for your personal or company finances, filing for insolvency can be a tough decision. However, if you choose a quality company such as http://www.bridgenewland.co.uk you’ll have many options in terms of avoiding bankruptcy and possible insolvency. The key is to find the right company that has the right features. Here are some of the key ones to look for:

1. Free initial consultation
It’s always a plus when insolvency practitioners such as http://www.bridgenewland.co.uk offer a free initial consultation. This is a chance for the company to evaluate your situation, and then determine which of its solutions would best suit your personal or business needs. This will give you a chance to determine whether or not you should choose the company over the competition. On the other hand, paying fees for consultations can be quite expensive if you have multiple ones, which is likely a situation you want to avoid. Thus, it’s highly advisable to find companies with free first consultations.

2. Solutions for individuals/companies
It’s important to find a company that offers insolvency solutions for individuals and companies. The reason is that you might need one type now, but another type in the future.

3. Customer testimonials
It’s always helpful to get some third-party feedback from past customers. This will give you a sense of the general satisfaction they had dealing with the insolvency practitioners. In particular, you can learn what they specifically liked or disliked about the services provided. Keep in mind that this isn’t the only factor you should consider since it’s unlikely a company would post negative feedback from past customers. However, it will help to create an overall impression of the company and help you to decide whether or not you should do business with them.

4. Insolvency specialists
This is another key factor to look for. There are some insolvency companies in which accountants handle the insolvency proceedings. That’s definitely a situation you want to avoid. Instead, look for companies that handle the insolvency processes and other issues with specialists. This will help to ensure that you get the best service possible, which is definitely a plus and a situation that you should be in.

5. Competitive prices
Keep in mind that you definitely get what you pay for in terms of insolvency practitioners. Quality service won’t be “cheap” per se. However, you also shouldn’t be paying more than the industry standards. Make sure to do some research to verify that a particular company’s rates are reasonable. That will help to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should for advice and services related to insolvency processes. If you’re getting quality services for reasonable rates it’s definitely a plus.

6. Nationwide service
Even if an insolvency practitioner isn’t based in the region you live in, it’s important that they provide services to people throughout the UK. This is important as it will help to provide you with the services that you want and need. On the other hand, if the company only operates in a particular region of the country, it could become a problem if you’re unable to get the insolvency services you need.

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Getting to Know the Upsides of an Insolvent Liquidation


Despite your best effort towards ensuring that you remain on top of your financial obligations, there are times when you just could not successfully get things right. Sometimes, though it is the worst nightmare of every trading company, there comes a point when ceasing trading is the only way to get things done right. Sometimes, a firm may need to have to stop operation since it is now deemed as insolvent. So, making sure that one gets to successfully go through the procedure as recommended at http://www.bridgenewland.co.uk is very important.

When you are not able to pay back the financial obligations that you need it cover, you are likely to have a lot of creditors that will continuously be hounding down your door. It is not going to be easy dealing with all these financial obligations as well as the emotional investment that you have to make when you first had the business started. This is the reasons that a lot of firms these days will actually opt to undergo the insolvency process.

According to http://www.bridgenewland.co.uk, there are two ways that a firm can go through insolvent liquidation. The first one has something to do with the firm volunteering to go through the liquidation. This means that they will hire a professional liquidator that will initiate the process of getting their assets sold so they can pay back the creditors. There is also the second option where the firm is required to go through liquidation compulsorily. This is to ensure that the interest of the creditors will be properly upheld and the financial obligations of your company will be duly covered.

It is important that you have an idea when you are going to need to seek out insolvency advice. There are always some tell tale signs that will allow you to determine if it is indeed the right choice for you to have consider insolvency. A sure sign that you may need to consider this procedure is when you find that you have been seriously lacking cash flow. It you have been having an increasingly hard time funding the many investments of the firm or have a hard them paying the operational costs for your day to day operation, insolvency may actually not be far off.

This is a procedure that can be self-initiated. There are instances when it is imposed as a compulsory task as well. The latter often happens when the creditors will petition for a wind up. A sure sign that a wind up is not far off for the business is when there is going to be an increased pressure from the creditors. Seeking out proper advice from an expert in insolvency will help ensure that you will be doing the procedure right and you are going to be doing the steps the right way.

The best thing about going through insolvency is the fact that the pressure coming from the creditors will be lifted off of your shoulders. Yes, your assets will be sold off. But this means that you will get your financial obligations lifted as well. This also means that you will be able to get rid of the legal implications involved. You will be able to get away from the risk of getting charged for wrongful trading. This is also going to offer you the opportunity to start anew and bounce back again once you get all your financial obligations covered.

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Why Use Bonds As An Alternative To A Bank Guarantee


Many industries require bonds, and the construction industry is probably the most easy to understand example. When you work in construction, you need to pay for supplies, and you need to ensure that your contractors are paid; but also that they will adhere to the contract they signed and carry out the work in the way required. In short, there are many risks involved in construction, and for this reasons, banks will often turn down your application for a bond guarantee.

As a construction project will take months or sometimes years to complete, there will be times where you need access to money, and this can be done when you visit http://drsbonds.co.uk. DRS specialize in surety, and they can help you where you would otherwise be turned down by the bank. With a wide range of bonds and advance payments as well as insurance available, DRS can really help you and your Construction Company but one foot in front of the other and avoid setbacks.

The reasons that you should visit http://drsbonds.co.uk instead of visiting your bank, is that they are Surety experts, and specialize in nothing else. When you visit your bank, you will find team members who are trained to help with loans, mortgages, or with other financial fields. What you won’t find at your high street branch of your bank is someone who understands the construction inside out and someone who is prepared to accept your application for bonds or advanced payments, and actually take the time to asses you and your company fairly.

Bank guarantees can be used for all kinds of purposes, and when you need a new guarantee you will always need to make a brand new application. This is another reason why you should contact DRS. When you need advanced payments, you can submit an application for one payment, or you can arrange for Surety on more than one occasion. If what suits you is to have funds that you can draw down on when you need them most, DRS are where you should be turning your attentions.

Experts in bonds and surety, you will receive a level of service when you use DRS that you simply could not hope for when you approached your bank for a guarantee. Specialists will help you with every stage of your application, and you will receive sound advice on just what you need and what will work for you and your industry the best.

Visit DRS today and speak to advisors that actually know what they are talking about and that have years of experience in the construction industry and what is involved when securing payments and bonds. Don’t risk the future of your business, and don’t waste your time looking for a bank guarantee for your money. Simply use a third party expert that dedicates their entire business to helping people like you secure the advance payments and bonds that they need to ensure the real success of your latest projects within the construction industry.

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What Are The Costs Of Surety Bonds And How They Are Underwritten?


If you are located in the United Kingdom and you are associated with the construction and building business, then you may already be aware of the importance of surety bonds. But if you are new to construction business and you want to do it, then you should first familiarize yourself with all different types of surety bonds. There are different types of surety bonds that are frequently used in construction and building business. There are many important elements of these bonds, but here we will talk about the costs involved in obtaining and maintaining these bonds, and how these costs are maintained.

First of all, it s important to know that every surety company’s prices are different. But there are general rules of thumb that you need to keep into mind when calculating the cost. Firstly, bid bonds can be obtained at either a nominal cost or on a complementary basis. This mainly because if the contractor. Bidder is awarded the project, surety will underwrite the performance bond.

Secondly, the premiums or fee of performance bonds may range anywhere between 0.5% o the final amount of contractor and 2% or greater. There are two main factors that affect the pricing of these bonds. These factors include the amount of bond and quality of risk. To know more about these factors and their impact on your performance bond, contact a reliable bond management company such as DRS bonds. You can visit their official website at http://drsbonds.co.uk.

It is important to note that contractors may have this misconception that bond costs are fixed at the time of issuance. It isn’t true at all. The truth is that a surety bond fee or premium will be adjusted with the final value of the construction or building contract. The final value of a contract is typically greater than the initial contract amount. This is because work changes occur during the construction process. Constructors should be prepared for any kind of unforeseen or unexpected changes. These changes can be negative or positive. In case of negative changes, cost can be increased. In fact, negative changes are represented as an increased cost of surety bonds. It is vital for contractors to realize this during the initial phase when they are preparing their bid. This should also occur during the contract negotiation process. This is because during these stages contractors have time to explore the feasibility of addressing any incremental changes in the cost of their surety bond. When addressing these incremental increases, bear in mind that these increases will result in the increased value of contract.

In order to get full information about surety bonds and their cost, contact a trusted surety bond management company or visit http://drsbonds.co.uk. These expert companies can guide you about the changing costs of surety bonds and how you can maintain them during the construction process. When calculating the cost, make sure you add the cost of hiring a bond management company as well.

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